Kindness of a warm hearth
Where the heat flows
Everyone sitting around
A meal to be enjoyed
From when the dusk set
The ember burns till dawn
The love and kindness
That keeps the family warm


Star, Crescent and Stripes

High up above me it flew
Fluttering in the wind
The pride and heritage

Sixty two years of freedom
Since the cries
That echoed for seven times

Finally my people is free
Finally self rule
Finally the future is for us to see

Many people fought and died
For that flag
So it will remain up there fying high


Plant the seed of goodness
So the flowers may bloom a good deed
May kindess be fruitful
And emphaty branching out
Virtue as solid as the trunk
Honor as deep as the roots
May the benefits be as many as there are leaves
On a tree


I choose some words on random
For me to craft a poem

I choose to the colour blue
I choose the person you
I choose to feel happy
Finally I choose me

So on the day the sky is blue
Is they when I will meet you
Of course my heart is elated and happy
For you to finally see me