Look at that!
Look at that freak!
Juicy flesh
Red succulent ripe
Never intended by nature
Crafted by Man’s failure
Looks good to you no?
The sorcery of GMO
The chemical engineering
Only now the beginning
Of Mutants
That we put in our mouth
That makes us Zombies
Anything but
for our desires and glut



The stillness of the surface
Polished as mirror
A reflection of life above
A view
Without the consequences
A mere spectator
To the acts of Man


The grass is always greener
There across the other side
I always peek through the wall
To see
I closed my eyes
To feel
To imagine what it’s like being there

Often I asked
“Why can’t it be the same for me?”

Somehow God made it in a way
That I see perfection
In what that’s not mine
But it never occured to me
The work to maintain such field

I keep my problems and worries to myself thank you
To you your own
To me my own