In the trenches

There’s humanity in the trenches
Where men were at each other’s throat

When the dust settle
Wounds patched
Bodies buried
Prayers read

To love and to live
Subdued hate

(Lest We Forget)



I surround myself
With toxic people I know
That harm me than help

Because when I rise
I know that I have no fear
For I had survived

Often Overlooked

Daddy needs to change diapers too
So give a table in the men’s room

Don’t ask Daddy where’s Mommy
As If Daddy couldn’t take care of the baby

Maybe it’s a compliment to you
But Daddy just being a good Dad

Why can’t Daddy be nurturing?
Why can’t Daddy cry when his daughter is sick?

Why does Mommy take all the burden?
When raising a family is both’s effort

Why must people judge Daddy as if he doesn’t know
A thing or two what Mommy can do

Daddy just wants to be a Dad
To cherish parenting with no regret