The grass is always greener
There across the other side
I always peek through the wall
To see
I closed my eyes
To feel
To imagine what it’s like being there

Often I asked
“Why can’t it be the same for me?”

Somehow God made it in a way
That I see perfection
In what that’s not mine
But it never occured to me
The work to maintain such field

I keep my problems and worries to myself thank you
To you your own
To me my own


The Valley

I wonder if Abraham knew
That his sacrifice was never in vain
That Ishamael’s sons kept the House he built
That his footsteps were continued
By millions

If only he could see
The black silk shroud that covered the House
The lights that lit the surroundings
The pilgrims that circled
The House he built with Ishmael

“O Lord here we are”
“O Lord we have come”
In the Valley millions of voice echoed
In the Valley
The House Lord
The Forbidden