Revisiting the Past

Young ones
What if I told you
That the past was different
Than it is now?

What if I told
That those before you
Had fought to put you
Where you are now?

So why young ones?
That you want to revisit the past?
From the eyes of those
Who put bullets
In your grandfather’s forehead
Who slaughtered your uncle
And raped your aunt?

Would you now call them heroes
Under their Red Banner and Triple Stars?

Would you be where you are now?
If they had won?

So tread carefully young ones
Terrorists do not earn recognition

(To the Heroes of Malayan Emergency, May You rest in peace)



Ever wonder if
My story is the same
For you and me?

Do we see beauty
The same way?

Do you picture
The flower
As I describe it to you?

Can you see the beauty
The way I see it?
Or do you see it
In your own way?

What I had seen with my eyes
And what lies in you mind
Remains a mystery
For both us


What is justice?
When it’s blinded by hate

What is justice?
When it’s all planned

What is justice?
When media overruled the court

What is justice?
When verdict is laid before finding evidence

What is justice?
When accusation is stronger than defence

What is justice?
When the judges are politically picked

What is justice?
When people wanted punishment more than reason