I’m not an American
I never am
I lived somewhere else

So I was surprised
When I read
That children
Were seperated at the borders
That immigrants were sent back

I say
“what’s wrong?”
We turned away boats
That came across the strait
Immigrants hide in our jungles
Indonesians are our maids
Bangladeshi served out meals
Burmese in our markets

And yes
We have processing facilities
And yes
We have Trumptards who want them away
In the recent election

What if America stops being America?
Forget all those freedom thing
Forget the promise of a dream
Forget being the land of the free
Not that brave to lock up children

What if America
Be just like any other country
Just like mine
Troops within border
No foreign intervention
Protect them all you want
Wall it up
No one cares
When America is not America


Seeking refuge

“I seek refuge in God from the cursed Satan”


I am being reminded

that I am a refugee

Even with a home

to call my own


I am reminded

that my Prophet too

seek refuge

and those before him


I am reminded

that we all seek shelter

and protection


So why don’t we call


on the other side of the fence

“our brothers”?

Don’t we all seek His refuge?


I keep some masks

that I would wear


I put one

in front of my boss

Oh what a good employee I was


I took it off

in front of my mates

We are buddies things are great


I put one

on my way out

So when my child greets me

She’ll happily shouts


I keep it on

ever cheery

What a good father I’ll be


When the light is off

safe and cozy

I show myself

the true me