Lone Tree

That lone tree stood

Alone in a barren land

Thrusting to they sky

A testament

In defiance

Of what was once

The home of many

Destroyed for the benefit

Of few.



I know a man who talks
his speech full of life
bombastic are his words

He used to be at the top
like any other man
duty comes and goes
but now he wants it back

People listened
maybe the charisma
maybe the words
He squeezed every ounce of respect
if any
or what’s left of it

People listened to rhetorics
but not facts
to big words from a big man
not wisdom of the learned

Who knows what path
will this man leads
As history has shown
It’s never good trusting men with rhetorics

It’s not cool to judge a recently departed person, whether he goes to heaven or hell or meet God. If you have faith you know that He is the best of judges. Not you.