Have you seen the showers?
The rage and thunder
The tempest that blew

Have you watched the trees bent?
And  swayed
Dancing to the wind?

Did you feel it at your skin?
The shivering goosebump
When your hair erect to the chill

Have you found peace?
As your ears tuned to the sound
And nose inhaling the scents

And stare
into the showers?



Fresh breeze flew into the window
Warm night
But the breeze made it bearable

Dark night
Without starlight
Just the moon as company

Crescent scimitar
Piercing the sky
Till daybreak sends it away

The night is a time for rest
The night is a time for
Being close the One.

The Sea

The sea
stretching as far
into the horizon

sheets of green and blue
glassy smooth
fiery ripples
Her temper swings
a harsh mistress

At times she led men to wealth
and glory
at times she led men
to their doom

Man tried to bend her
at times when she is calm
to sail her broadness
with the wind behind them

Men tried
to venture deep
as deep as she allowed
but never too deep
never too long

The sea is men’s lifeline
powerful might men be
she’ll never bend to men’s will
she assist
she guides
she feeds
but never will she be tamed

For a start..

I am not good at writing actually, but I feel that I should write more. Creative writing is not really for forte. I love to read, so sometimes I feel I want to share my thoughts. I also love poetry so expect this site to be filled with it.